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English Summary

Sluyterman van Loo Foundation

The Sluyterman van Loo Fund – Projects for Older People is a foundation seeking to promote the well-being of older people in the Netherlands and the Caribbean part of the Netherlands. The foundation awards grants to fund initiatives and projects designed to


  • enhance the independence of older people
  • preserve their autonomy and dignity
  • help them to find meaning in their lives
  • encourage them to adopt a positive attitude

Regular grants

The foundation supports a wide range of projects, with particular emphasis on projects aimed at enhancing the well-being of the most vulnerable groups.

The foundation’s annual grants budget of around 2 million euros is funded by income from the foundation’s own endowment.

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Themed grants programme

Every three years the foundation selects a theme as the focus of its grants programme. This theme receives special attention and extra resources are made available to support it.

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Cultural activities

An important task of the Board of Trustees is the upkeep of the listed building Akerendam in Beverwijk, the seat of the foundation. The Board wants the building to play a distinct social role and encourages this by organizing cultural activities and conferences.

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Housing projects for vulnerable older people

The Sluyterman van Loo Foundation supports the development of innovative housing projects for vulnerable older people. A case in point is the Nieuw Akerendam senior citizens housing complex in Beverwijk.

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The foundation is managed by a Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees meets four times a year to consider grant applications and to award grants to projects. The decision-making process is prepared by the foundation’s Bureau.

The Sluyterman van Loo Foundation is a member of FIN, the Association of Foundations in the Netherlands.

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